About Sustainable Sourcing

Safe Feed Safe Food Certified FacilitySustainable Sourcing is focused on striving for “World Class”. We have been chosen as Global Supplier of the Year by Eli Lilly demonstrating our high level of customer service, product quality and environmental record. The highly automated production facility in the Midwest boasts a “zero footprint” in terms of environmental impact. Our products used in animal health, bio diesel and animal feed industries touch millions of lives in the USA and Worldwide.


  • Have you ever driven through the country and enjoyed watching farm animals in the fields? It is possible that one of those animals may have been treated with animal health products utilizing Sustainable’s products during its manufacture.
  • Have your ever worried about the price of oil and considered using biodiesel instead? If so, you considered another product that could have derived from one of Sustainable’s products.
  • Do you have a special dog in your life that makes you smile every day? If so, you may have fed your animal pet food that used a Sustainable product to add flavor.

What We Do

Sustainable Sourcing LLC was formed to process animal fats that are primarily sold into the pharmaceutical industry. By developing our own technology, we have been able to process animal fats to the precise specifications of our customers. Sustainable sells more than 50 million pounds of material annually.

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Why Us

As a significant player in the fats and oils markets, Sustainable Sourcing LLC has dedicated a tremendous amount of time and energy to cultivating strong relationships with all major raw materials suppliers in the country. Our focus is to build strategic partnerships with consistent goals. The breadth of our supply chain maximizes an ability to provide a consistent finished product from reliable sources.

The proprietary technology we have developed allows us to produce products to specific customer requirements using many different suppliers.

About Us

Industries Served


Sustainable Sourcing serves clients in the pharmaceutical, biodiesel, animal feed, and steel industries. Our clients may be in different industries, but they all require the same thing – a reliable partner who will work with them to develop the product that works best for their needs.

Our Team

Jodi McCarthy

President and Director

With nearly 15 years of experience Jodi brings significant real world experience to our team.

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Scott Lewis

Clinton Plant Director

Scott joined Sustainable Sourcing in 2012 and is the Clinton Plant Director.

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Sarah Neighbors-6097 fin

Sarah Neighbors


Sarah Neighbors is the Controller for Sustainable Sourcing LLC.

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Kyle Wiley-6115

Kyle Wiley

Supply Chain Manager

Kyle Wiley serves as the Supply Chain Manager for Sustainable Sourcing where he will lead all things supply chain from sourcing, procurement, and logistics.

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